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Charlotte Sartre
Natassia Dreams 39
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Exciting intro footage shows striking, Black TS Natassia Dreams and cisgender Goth girl Charlotte Sartre getting into makeup, fetish wardrobe and each other. Longhaired, pretty Natassia has a toned body with flaring hips and a big, shapely butt. Charlotte sports black hair with purple bangs, and elaborate tattoos adorn her ivory skin. Both beauties wear tight latex and heels. They make out passionately, sharing French kisses, sucking nipples. A playful, lovemaking vibe pervades the scene. Natassia eats Charlottes shaved pussy, Charlotte laps Natassias balls and gives a deepthroat blowjob. Natassia fucks Charlottes asshole and cunt with a metal toy. A thick dildo stretches Charlottes greased backdoor. Thighs slap and Natassias big butt pumps as she delivers a doggie-style anal reaming. Charlotte mounts Natassia for an orgasmic, pussy-plowing ride. With Natassias huge, clear dildo stuffing Charlottes pink sphincter, Natassia masturbates intensely, her curved boner pointed at Charlottes twat. When the fat toy comes out, Charlottes butthole gapes. The satisfied ladies share a goodbye kiss.

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