Take A Ride On The Trans Train 02 - Korra Del Rio, Lena Moon

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Johnny Hill
Korra Del Rio 33
Lena Moon
Anal Hardcore Pornstars

Johnny Hill is talking on the phone with his ex-girlfriend, Lena Moon. It turns out that Lena is in town for business, so he tells her to come over so they can hang out. But then Johnnys current girlfriend, Korra Del Rio, walks in and asks him who he was talking to. When Korra finds out that it was Lena, she immediately knows that Johnny is hoping they can all have a threesome. Johnny denies this, but Korra knows whats up.Later on, all three of them are gathered in Johnnys apartment. They do some catching up, and Lena says that she just purchased a lingerie company. She even models some lingerie for them, showing off her nice curves and pretty cock. When Lena asks if they like what they see, Korra lifts up her skirt, showing that her own pretty cock finds the sight VERY pleasing.Korra starts to suck on Lenas cock, and then Johnny joins in by sucking on Korras cock. Looks like Johnny is going to get the threesome of his dreams!

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